New patch improved Match Making for

Well finally, after waiting for what felt like an eternity I turned on my Xbox yesterday, not knowing about the update only to see a prompt to download one. I did and with unease I started a match making search. What do you know, even teams and a 2 minute search time and I was loading a game. The game ended, people left and what do you know, more people joined and I was playing again.

Another playlist search and again people kept joining me and we were playing. Even teams, good search times, non-glitchy “next match in…” countdown. I actually played 9 matches before stopping, even partied up with a friend and we found people too.

As much as I hate to say this in this “hate everyone” internet we use, the moment that I stopped stressing about finding a match I just started having fun in Halo again and all the issues I was angry at 343 for melted away because in the end this is a great game with hours and hours of fun waiting for me to have.

So thanks 343 for being open with us all, working very hard to get MM to this point and continuing to work hard to improve it even more. I know we consumers think of you developers as all-knowing faceless creators out for the big buck only where mistakes just mean you were lazy or didn’t care but you are clearly showing that you do care about the Halo universe and the products that are created to bring that universe to all our homes.

Thanks again for the hard work…now if you don’t mind I need to get back to work so I can go home and relax with some Halo :slight_smile: Cheers

My matchmaking was improved a lot the morning before the update came out, about five hours in advance of the update. I think they did a server-side update and THAT helped for me. The actual content-update didn’t change much from that point.

The new update has helped me as well.

I still notice some glitches:

  • few times teams are matched and the map loads, but the game ends at 0-0 - carnage report “killed most” “killed most by” Is still not correct. - game still freezes a bit in post game carnage report causing for force quit. - Audio on H3

I still can’t get a game