New patch downloading -- will feedback here

Hi All,

Just logged into HW2 on Xbox one and am met with a game update of 9.9GB. Exciting stuff - I am interested to see how it feels after the update is installed. I will report back all my findings in this thread once it is installed and I have played some matches online.

The piece I am perhaps most excited about is the under the hood changes for future ranked support – < Exciting! What are you guys most happy to see in the patch?

Did Xbox have heavy Lag-problems aswell? I am waiting for your feedback though.

Ok so first thoughts on latest patch - 07/03/2017:

  • When you upgrade supply depots or generators to advanced depots or generators - the text on the UI above the building in your base does not reflect the change. I.e the text stays as “supply depot” as opposed to “heavy supply depots” or whatever it was before. This is a bad change? Regression perhaps?

Ok more thoughts on latest patch - 07/03/2017:

  • I attack enemy buildings, and no damage given to the building. This happens frequently.