New organized clan recruiting

Elven Deadeye Recruit - Iron

Hey this is Captain Elven Deadeye of the UNSC’s vessel: Rogue. I’m recruiting for friendly and mature Spartans to join the Rogue’s navy on it’s quest against the Promethean empire. We do war games, Spartan ops, and custom games.

This is an organized halo4 and halo reach clan that does war games, Spartan ops, and clan battles.

HOW IT WORKS: There are 4 Spartans in one division. The first member of a division is the division commander. Each of the divisions are assigned a name. There are 3 divisions in one frigate. The first divisions the head division of the frigate. Each frigate is assigned name.

TYPES OF DIVISIONS: Regular, sniper, vehicle (vehicle only has 3 members).

NAMES: I assign the divisions and frigates names. Your division names are named after your frigate and the number of the division you are example: Frigate name is Onyx. First division is Onyx 1. Second is Onyx 2.

Service tags are your divisions name and number you are in the division. EXAMPLE: Your division is Onyx 1 and you are first member . Your service tag is O1 1. Next is 01 2

RANKS: Ranks are reconnized by color of symbol. (I will tell you your symbol) Soldiers start as ‘soldier’. After a week warrior. After a month recon. Commander start as commander. After a week a chief. After a month a general.

REQUIREMENTS: *Mics (optional) *change symbol to clans *change service tag as instructed *must stick with divisions (occasional brakes)

If you want yo join please reply or message Elven Deadeye.