new options i'd die to see

These are just a few options that I’ve always wanted from a new Halo game:

Adjustable sword lunge - I’d want to be able to completely remove the lunge, AND create a maximum lunge setting that would pull me all the way across a map if I locked the reticle on to someone. Maybe just the little triangle piece on the far right of the reticle.

Super Jumps - Most people who played Halo 2 remember superjumping. It was an exploitable glitch which shot you up in the air after you had crouched under something and jumped on a certain crack in the map. I would like to see an option to turn them on or off at least in custom games, maybe one or two playlists in MM too.

Button COMBOS - Halo 2 also had button glitches which changed the game. I thought they were awesome, I used them often and loved hearing people whine about it. Again, I’d just like an option to turn some on or even to create my own. Just a custom game option and a playlist or two in matchmaking.

Equipment and Abilities - Again, I want the option to use these things in custom games and some playlists in Matchmaking. There’s no reason to leave out abilities (which they aren’t) and I really missed the equipment in Halo 3. There’s no reason to leave them out. Imagine playing on Solitary with one gravity lift for each team?

These are a few ideas which would be VERY EASY for 343 to implement and would make the game twice as good in my opinion. I’m moving to another country next year and I’m contemplating not buying Halo 4 because I’ll be travelling a lot. This would certainly change my mind.