New official Halo 4 Specializations thread Support Thread

Good afternoon! If you’re reading this, you more than likely have a question about the Specializations email that was recently distributed by Xbox LIVE. Before I start addressing some frequently asked questions, please note:


As a general rule, to protect yourself and your account, you should never post or share any personal information online, and that includes our forums.

Now, back to business. When Halo 4 launched, there was a special offer involving the following.

Play Halo 4 Standard Edition while connected to Xbox LIVE by November 20, 2012, and you’ll get early access to six Specializations. That’s 60 additional levels and new content in Halo Infinity Multiplayer.

Codes giving early access to six Specializations were sent yesterday. I’m currently following up with that team to find out if all the emails have been sent (UPDATE: All emails have been sent). The email says the following and includes an image of Master Chief and the Halo 4 logo.

Here’s your free gift from Xbox LIVE

Thanks for being an Xbox LIVE member. You’ve earned a free gift. Just follow the instructions below, and you can download it immediately.*

Here’s how to redeem:

Click here or on the “Get your free gift” link below.
Sign in to your Xbox LIVE account using the email address you received this message at (if you are not already signed in).
Your code is automatically entered on the page so simply click Redeem Code.

Get your free gift->

Here are a few reasons why your inbox may still be empty.

UPDATE: Emails were sent to both opt-in and opt-out accounts. If you have opted out of marketing emails (via your Xbox LIVE account preferences), you would not have received the mail.
If you did not play Halo prior to November 20 at 11:59 PM EST, you would have not received the email.
If you are registered with Xbox LIVE in Europe, the Middle East or Africa, you would have not received the email. As noted on the original offer, these regions were not part of the Specializations offer as Specializations were offered as a pre-order offer, not a post-launch offer.

If you don’t think you have received this email, here are a few things to consider.
It may be in your spam folder. Check now!
The codes were sent to the email address that you used when you signed up for your Gamertag. If you are now using a different email address but did not change it with Xbox LIVE, the code will have been sent to the email address associated with your Gamertag as of November 20.
The title of the email is “You have a gift from Xbox LIVE”. Since Specializations are not directly mentioned, you may have skipped over it.

If you successfully redeemed your code, you will gain early access to six Specializations.

If you received the email but are experiencing issues, here are a few possibilities as to what could be going on:

The Specializations are locked.
Specializations cannot be accessed until you reach SR50. Once you have advanced through the standard fifty levels, you will then get the option to enlist in a Specialization under “Infinity”. You can choose the order in which you tackle unlocked Specializations. However once you select one, you must advance through it completely before enlisting in a separate Specialization. Please read this article for more information.

I don’t see any new Specializations.
Redownload the content from your download history (from the Xbox Dashboard: Settings->Account->Download History). If you have the content properly downloaded, try restarting the game.

Yeah, I definitely never got an e-mail even though I’ve been playing since Launch, live in the US, and am over 17. I see the official thread is now locked, so how do we go about requesting the code now? Not in the spam folder either.

I have all the qualifications and still haven’t received my message or email. I have also posted in several forums hoping to get the issue resolved. Gamer tag is Reaper768.

Gamer tag is TSE Cheeto. I never received an email. I have met all qualifications for it.

You aren’t going to get one.

Stop with these already. Yeah, it sucks…but there is nothing you can do about it now. Anyone who doesn’t live in the US didn’t even have the opportunity.

Specialization codes have been distributed. For more information on the distribution process, check this post: