New ODST Game

I think it being its own game franchise. “Halo ODST”

Stealth is always a good option, load and proud is always fun.
In Halo 3 “ODST” you played a Recruit, which is more of “the strong silent type.” In game you have a silenced sub machine gun, and silenced pistol, which was very cool, but the enemies knew where you was and was always alerted to where you was, so they didn’t matter if you only used them or not. The assassination of the chieftain was also very cool and provided the next games with that feature but was not even in the game, just in a cut seen. The point I am trying to get at is stealth should always work.

Plot: You play as a new Recruit to the 19th Hell Jumpers. You are sent to take out a Brute Zealot Chieftain on the ARK, Instillation 00. He is Tartarus’ second hand, and a major threat to the UNSC. You are on the UNSC Ship “Say my Name.” You come across a terminal pointing out a Forerunner World Called Requiem, and its last Known area. Where ONI has kept in on lock down, with a plan to Destroy it, and is the true purpose of the UNSC Infinity. You barely make it off the ARK as the Master Chief is Heading towards the UNSC Forward Until Dawn. You make you way back to Delta Halo to Mop up the remaining Covenant forces on there, and you end up battling a group of Elites one of which is GEK. (Basically a back story of H4)

Weapons, and variants.


-BR55HB(shoots slower than the 85 but tighter spead), BR85(Same as halo 4), BR85HB/SOCOM BR*
-M395 DMR, M395 SOCOM DMR*
-M6H(Same as H4)/ M6C/SOCOM AutoMag (Same as H3ODST)
-SRS99 S5 AM (HEAVY, same as H4)
-SRS103 AM SOCOM (MID) {a 3 hit in the body 1 in the head, and is silenced, which has a shorter Range than the SRS99, but does not leave a vapor trail. }
-M7A/SOCOM [Return of the Caseless] {Improved accuracy; Modified Damage out put to only be 3/4 of the assault rifle, but more carrying ammo than the MA5; x1.25 zoom}
-M90A1 (Same stats as H3 [M45E of Reach] but has an 8 round internal magazine)
-M45D (Same Stats as H4)
-frag granade
-concision granade (stuns any any enemy, causes grunts to run blindly, jackals to lower their shield, elites to get angry, brutes to rage, buggers to land, and hunters to stick closer together. Humans hear a ringing and see fuzzy.)[after use on covenant they tend to be more frantic]

+Covenant/Didact’s hand

-Brute plasma rifle (shoots a fuzzy ball of red plasma that dose 2x more damage than that of the plasma rifle, shoots 1.5x as fast, Heat flaps are on the top and bottom instead of the sides, BUT the BPR is less accurate, sounds louder, starts to “hic-up” after 75% instead of 25%, overheats 20% sooner)
-Elite plasma rifle (improved accuracy but still sprays around, does 90% of the damage of the storm rifle, but takes 2x more times to over heat than the storm rifle, and takes 5% less time to cool off, but has less ammo per charge)
-Mauler (Similar specs than the Halo 3 mauler)
-Storm Rifle (similar to halo 4 only over heats faster, is accuracy fades faster, and range is depleted greatly, but has more ammo per charge, and shoots faster){this is due to its vary obvious barrel length}
-Trampler (Larger Version of the Mauler, more ammo; tighter spread, for more damage at a range; .80% as powerful as the shotgun; semi-auto)
-Beam Rifle V1 (similar looks as Halo 3, and way less accurate than the V2 of Halo 4, has more rounds than the V2 but over heats sooner, takes longer to cool off, but does very slightly more damage)
-Beam Rifle V2 (Similar stats as Halo 4)
-Carbine (Same specs as Halo 4)
-Fuel Rifle (Carbine that is bigger, has a tiny amount of splash damage has 1/2 the rounds of the Carbine but does 10% better damage than the UNSC Carbine) [Splash damage is not dealt to a player if they are the one that is hit. splash damage does 1/2 the plasma pistol uncharged damage, and has a high drop off, but shields take 1.5x Longer to recharge if they can and have received splash damage from that weapon) {Weapon has a secondary, charge and can only Charge when Zoomed, when charging the user sends out a beam of light, and when fired all Rounds are expended. weapon can only charge if it has full ammo in its magazine. Charge shot does not have a splash instead it goes though anything. Weapon’s damage is just enough to kill in one hit from any part of the body. When shot Passes through a player it looses only 5% of its power, if it passes through another object it looses half every time it passes through an object max fall off is about 1/2 the damage of a plasma pistol. shields recharge normally) “this weapon is related to the carbine and fuel rod. It is only found with one covenant force and is a very rare weapon, making it prized by anyone in the UNSC. This weapon has been responsible for more Spartan II deaths than any other covenant weapon. Due to the materials used to make this weapon. The reload is different as well, unlike the carbine it doesn’t use powdered bets of fuel rod, it uses 1/4 size fuel rods actually designed to cause harm. This weapon was used in the taming of the Hunters, because hardly anything could punch through the Hunters armor. It uses a specialized magazine with the round, and when charged it also depletes a secondary bar from 100% to 0% because it wraps all the fuel rods binds them together in a plasma field and fires them. The UNSC took the technology and made the ARC-920 Railgun, but couldn’t match the penetration of the Fuel Rifle.”

  • Needler
  • Needler Rifle V2 (similar stats than what was on reach, but doesn’t explode. Instead it tracks like the Needler. {The tracking speed is the same, but the weapon’s rounds travel as fast as DMR,so it goes almost unseen unless your at a range and stand still} The weapon is now silented, with the exception of the hi-pitch whistling sound from the shards, and has 20 rounds with only 4 reloads max.)
    -plasma pistol
    -Plasma Cannon
    -energy sword
    -gravity hammer
    -energy dagger
    -plasma grenade
    -spike granade


Warthogs: Default Rocket (can lock on to aircraft) Gauss (has zoom)
Hornet (shoots a light machine gun and fires only one air to air rocket but does not need to have a lock on) seats only 3
Falcon (shoots a heavy machine gun in slow bursts) LMG, Grenade launcher side variants and now seats 5
Scorpion tank
Pelican V1 (transport, HMG, Rocket [campaign only])
Pelican V2 (the all in one [campaign only]) “the campaign notes the toughness of the V2 and is often called the Heavy for its size, weight, and ability to take hits and dish them back out”

Specter (LMG does more damage is more accurate but over heats a little sooner and with out boost it faster than the warthog) Seats 2
Banshee (air to surface) (Mid armor)
Siren (air to air) (Very light armor, but moves and turns faster than the Banshee, smaller than the banshee looks about the same except for the size, armor, and weaponry. Has the same air to air/surface main, with a plasma rocket secondary that can only be fired air to air lock on required)
Locust (fires a Plasma HMG, and has a heavy plasma cannon)
Scarab (Campaign enemy only)

Easter Eggs

Content Sculls
Scarab Gun (funky plasma rifle)
Golf club/ball/hole
Dancing enemies
conversations between covenant and humans
Red vs