New multiplayer mode idea/future game

I have played all the halo’s especially halo 1 with my brother and I would like to see is to have a halo multiplayer with 64 players mode or more (have modes in with less people like classic for people who do not like it) but have Spartans against Elites on there own ships or one team starts in a base and one in a ship in orbit etc ( maybe space battles like Reach), and they have to attack or defend against each other, meaning other side can blow up the ships and the attackers can attack the bases. With 64 players or more you could have A.I so marines with Spartans team and grunts jackals etc with the elites to make it feel like more of a battle. The way they could fit it in a story is to have holograms and recording (like a holodeck of star trek etc)of historic halo battles(Battle of Actium,battle of earth ), where the Spartans and elites are learning form key victories and defeats. I think this would be great for people to understand the lore of halo as well as seeing epic battles which determined future halo games!! This is my opinion , feel free to agree or disagree. Leave your thoughts :smiley: