New mode I'd like in Halo 5

While many people want the return of pure balance and classic Halo, I’d like to see them do the opposite. I’d like Halo to follow Titanfall’s lead when it comes to multiplayer. Fuse campaign and multiplayer into a whole new entity. For this experience, gameplay favors immersion and fun over barebones balance and competitive play.

I’d like to see a mode not unlike invasion, but on a much larger scale. A team of spartans against a team of elites. But like titanfall or even league of legends, ai characters are thrown into the mix. Each team has an army of marines (or grunts and jackals if you’re an elite).

The objective changes based on the map. Just like in a real battle, there may be multiple objectives that lead to winning the battle. Hacking one outpost may activate the substantial anti air batteries for your side. Another installation may need to be sabotaged to deactivate the shields protecting the covenant stronghold. Just like invasion, there will be tiers of objectives which culminate toward winning the game.

I know many don’t like the current ordinance system for Halo 4, but I would actually like to see it expanded for this mode. As you complete objectives throughout the game, you accrue currency, which you can spend on resources for you and your team. With this you can call down weapons, have pelicans drop vehicles, or fund ai reinforcements for your squad (imagine calling down a squad of odst’s in the middle of a firefight, or unleashing a phantom filled with hunters on your enemies).

Obviously this mode wouldn’t replace the classic way halo is played, much like invasion, it would serve as a separate experience in the whole multiplayer package.

I like this idea…sort of like an invasion 2.0

Making it a Campaign experience battle that players have Spartans VS Elites. I would gladly give up Spartan Ops or Firefight for something like this.

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