New MLG Pro Halo 4 Website / E-Book

Nocturnal - I am here to give news that Brake and I(NocturnalKernal) have released an e book to combine the knowledge we came upon through years of top competitive halo. ( With our combined knowledge we will teach players the basic concepts all the way to the most complex aspects so you can start learning at whatever level you are currently at to become the player you want to become. We want to help players change the way they look at halo and adapt to the mind of a professional. This virtual training course completely cuts down the time to becoming better by providing you the aspects you need to strengthen your overall gameplay. The training course includes 100 pages of information, over 30 videos, and we will be updated daily/weekly throughout Halo 4. We already have classified information ready for the midnight release of Halo4! We know secrets about halo only the most advanced players would. So Check us out ;)(FREE MEMBERS ARE ALLOWED)

Brake - We want to bridge together the concepts we came upon through years of competitive play. This is knowledge that will dramatically help you improve your weaknesses and become the player that you want to become. It would usually be a long road to get to where you want to be, but for the people who want it the most, have the most drive, dedication, and will listen and work on everything we say in this guide (Team and Individually), will be the ones who will come out on top like Nocturnal and I(Brake) did. We dove deep into halo and learned what to get better at, focused on those aspects until we felt we had mastered them, and we continued to strive to be the best and make our dreams into a reality. The only thing separating you from us is the willingness to work harder than everybody you know to do what you dream to do. We made this process easier but you will still have to come through your failures learning to use them to motivate yourself to becoming even better. We as players never let failures with teams or individually get the best of us we use them to strengthen our overall game. Learn from them and let your failures motivate you to becoming better the next top MLG Pro. We have both come a far way and through our different paths we now present you with the information from two different professional perspectives on how to become a player amongst the best.

I feel we are two of the best people to be making this book because at one point we were just like most of you, we had the bare essentials to becoming great players but were unable to recognize what it took to become true top professionals. Through this journey we have realized all of the things we did to become the players we are now and want to pass that information on to the future halo generation and make it more competitive and fun. The majority of the community that hasn’t found success thus far are missing key halo principles in becoming a pro. Through our experiences we were able to expand on the little things and find what made us into top 8 paid professional players. Learn the Secrets of the Pros Today!

Thanks for your support and God Bless!

The Halo4Lessons Team
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