New (maybe old) AR hack/mod

So I was just playing some Hivemind when in the final round the last guy standing starts getting instakills with the AR:!/?section=GameClip&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0

Just showing it to you guys incase you might not know this mod/hack

The last man standing gets a MASSIVE damage and shield boost. This is why Hivemind is the worst Flood/Zombies gametype ever produced.

And yet, people still vote for it, thanks for clearing that up for me

Quite interesting. I do know that the Last Man Standing does get a slight boost in damage, however I also watched the clip at normal speed, and noticed he was shooting 9 bullets when the game sound only played for 2 or 3 bullets each time he shot a burst.

I looked up the player who was supposedly modding, and he’s played over 1700 games. If he was modding:

  1. He would have been caught by now.
  2. If just started, he’s an idiot for modding on his main account.

He’s not modding. More likely, it’s damage boost plus lag.

hey how do you download this “mod” that lets you make crate vehicles?