New Matchmaking system I just came up with

The current MM system is terrible, I think we can all agree there. I want you to tell me if this is any better:

1: Select games you would like to MM on: H1, H2C, H2A, H3, HR, H4.

2: Select the map you would like to modify your MM prefereces on.

3: select or deselect the gamemodes you would or would not like to play. (Leave all deselected if you wish to remove the map from your preferences.)

4: Return to step 2 and repeat until you are satisfied with your preferences.

5: Once matchmade, a list of up to 4 items will be available. (For reference, use Halo: Reach’s matchmaking system for map a d mode selection.)

After matches you can “party up” (meaning you’re staying in the lobby), be returned to matchmaking, or “adjust matchmaking prefrences” to be returned to the lobby and change your prefered maps and modes before going back int matchmaking. You can also view other players and their matchmaking preferences.

Any good?