New Massive Game Mode Idea

Heyo. So i was just scrolling through the internet when i came across this video by the Youtube channel The Act Man: How to Make the Greatest Game Mode in Halo Infinite - YouTube . He brings up his idea for a Halo Infinite game mode that I think COULD be the greatest game mode in any video game ever, if done right. I wanted to bring it to the attention of the community so that the idea can grow, or so it can be seen by a 343i employee. This should be pretty obvious but this idea is NOT mine, I just wanted to share it around and see where this idea could go, because i really like it.

Oh, I thought you were going to explain the idea instead of making us watch a YouTube video.

Not bad. Wouldn’t say the greatest game mode of all time, because that depends on one’s own interests and perspectives, but it would certainly be interesting. Also a lot of work for the developers I’m sure.