New maps would be nice

I like this game but it would be nice if they brout tho older maps back.

Remakes of old maps or just some new maps maybe some community made maps

Any new maps would be greatly received, I think it’s fair to say. I get bored pretty easily these days but have found myself gravitating more to the customs lobby for a FFA fix… there’s some sweet new map creations and even good quality remakes that are definitely worth checking out.

It’d be nice to see some of them possibly integrated into matchmaking, maybe some the (community/343) favourites could feature each weekend in it’s own playlist…?!

I was gonna say as ‘double xp’ : ) but don’t wanna push my luck ha!

Kinda confusing post… You say new maps would be nice but then ask for them to bring old maps back… Well which one? :slightly_smiling_face:. I want to see them add the anniversary throwback maps into rotation just take away the CE pistol starts. Oh how I want a FFA matches on them especially Battle Creek

I’ve played over 6000 games of H5 I’ve played them in every playlist so a new map or two would be a really good thing I don’t really care for customs but I’ve played them just because it gets old playing the same maps over and over the thing I don’t really like is when players get God host and they eat rockets and headshots. If they ever did come out with any new maps the should let the pro league tell them what needs to be fixed instead of just throwing them in and waiting for the community to give them a billion ideas on how to fix it some bigger multi story maps so your not spawning on top of each other bad spawns seem to be a problem on some maps

New maps are badly needed yes… let’s get something else other than asymmetric cube layouts, and 2 base, 2 tower, open/closed layouts…

They are good, albeit “safe” foundations/recipes for good maps, but we need some maps with character!

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> …gravitating more to the customs lobby…

Me too. I’m constantly amazed by some maps and appalled by others. But the consistent disappoint for me with customs is that everyone is obsessed with Infection, Fiesta, and one version or another of something they think makes them all MLG/bad -Yoink- like shotty snipers or pistols only or some octagon variant. It would be nice if there was an easier way to get at basic team-based game types on community-made maps. If I ever again go into an infection game, when I couldn’t even tell that’s what it was because of the way people choose to name their custom game types, and I find one guy with a million points and an unassailable position while every one else has died a thousand times trying to get him… it’s enough to make me yank out H5, put in Reach, and play score attack for hours on end just to get the taste out of my mouth.

Yeah I agree. It would be as simple as making a list of classic halo maps, looking them up in the file browser and compiling a list of which ones to add to matchmaking