New maps opinions?

Is it just me do all the new maps feel pretty much the same in size and layout?

Why aren’t there any small maps?

The maps are fine I like them. Its the bullst On the maps I don’t like there is 10+ vehicles on every goddam map its hard to take a goddam objective such as a hill with a fking ghost flying through it splattering everyone. Harvest for instance 12 vehicles…common 2 hogs,2 ghosts,2 mongoose’s ON EACH SIDE what!!! Its getting old spawning and dying to a ghost or gunned down by a hog/ mantis. I would like some maps without them? would be nice…yea


I just dont understand why they didn’t release a variety of differently sized maps like they always did in Halo 2. And for that matter I can honestly say I haven’t felt like a map pack has been worth my money since Halo 2.

i think the best way to go w2ould have been one small, medium, and large

Honestly, they’re not that great. It still blows my mind that the game only came out 1 month ago and we already got the first DLC pack.

the new maps aren’t that great i agree i think we need different maps but not right away

I think they all play pretty well, myself. Looks aren’t necessarily everything to a map… The only thing I have a problem with is on one of the maps (I don’t remember which one, as I have not gotten the chance to play them much yet) when you’re looking through one of the buildings the sun glares like crazy making it very difficult to line up those last few shots on an enemy. Other than that, I really like these maps!

I demand to see more rocks

Well the DLC playlist is 6v6 so they have maps that work with 6v6. The next map pack may be smaller maps so the DLC playlist will then be 4v4 (hopefully…)

> Honestly, they’re not that great. It still blows my mind that the game only came out 1 month ago and we already got the first DLC pack.

Keep forking over your money for a lackluster game.


I find the maps to be very different from one another. Harvest has amazing interior firefights, Shatter has a great cover selection and an interesting risk/reward with the teleporter, and Wreckage is just pure chaos, great for King of the Hill and the like.

Just because they’re all big maps with vehicles doesn’t mean they’re all the same. You have to look at the details.

I dig 'em. They seem to play better than most of the maps that came with the game.

Definitely a nice break from the constant Haven -> Complex -> Ragnarok -> Exile -> Adrift map cycle that was going on for a while now.

I like that Harvest and Shatter are symmetrical, makes for some fun CTF games. Only map that is a bit ‘ehh’ is Wreckage, it feels a bit messy in terms of gameplay.

Has anyone been able to play Extraction on a map other than Shatter yet?

It is just simply ridiculous that 343 has not devoted any time to pleasing people who like small maps. WE HAVE ENOUGH BIG MAPS FOR NOW

i love Harvest and Wreckage. really dont like shatter whatsoever