New maps only playable on Majestic playlists?

How long is it going to be like this? I love SWAT and I’m annoyed that every time new maps come out… it takes like another week for them to go from DLC playlists to the rest of them. Is this going to change? And if so, when?

Just play SWAT on Skyline. It comes up in Majestic Team Playlist all the time.

I did that for a while man. Now it never comes up, and when it does, it doesn’t get voted. It’s annoying dude… The same -Yoink- happens with Gears

It is because everybody who bought the maps are playing the maps in the playlists created for it. The maps are in other gametypes but it will take a couple weeks for more people to go back to their regular playlists.

And really? In GOW I play the maps all the time. Do you have the season pass? Or just selective map packs?

They already added the maps on rotation to all the appropriate playlists. Check the playlist section in “Halo 4 Intel”. It lists all the playlists and what maps they have on rotation.

I mean when certain map packs first came out for Gears, they took a few days to even show up in matchmaking. Then the next DLC came out and it didn’t work for 2 weeks. And all the developers said was “we’re working on it”

And I have the season pass. I’ve been going to SWAT again and again and I haven’t seen one new map on there. Like at all. I get on 2 or 3 times a day for a good hour or 2 and try to look again and still they don’t show up.

So idk whats going on man. You say they’re cycling on all playlists but I haven’t seen one on any other playlist but the DLC playlist. I’ll get out Halo intel. Maybe I need to download the maps again or something.

I would assume people are just playing on the playlist, as I said. Good luck finding games in SWAT though! I got Gears a little later in the cycle because of money so I wouldn’t be able to relate with that… I thought you were talking about currently not when the maps came out.

Yeah Im getting Gears and Tomb Raider right when they come out next month. I’ve had it with this crap

Here is the issue with DLC maps not showing up in other playlists. The only way that a new map will show up is if all players have that DLC. Since most people are still playing DLC specific playlists the chance of you finding 7 randoms who all have the new DLC and also are not playing in DLC specific playlists this soon after the DLC release is very slim.

In time you will start seeing them show up, as players migrate back to their favorite playlists and more copies of the DLC get sold.