New maps. Need feedback and some testers please!

Hey what’s up Waypoint?

I’m here with DTJV SBD and we need some feedback on some maps.
Just a bit of weapon placement and spawn points. Here are links to the maps. Download em, check em out and add me or him so we can have a couple matches on them. Most are 4v4. I have one that would be better for 6v6-8v8, but it would work on 4v4 and one that’s an Invasion map.

Closure: Supports 4v4-6v6 Team Slayer MTL

Gust: Supports 4v4-6v6 Team Slayer, CTF (so far) MTL

Vigilance: Supports 4v4-8v8 Team Slayer, Territories (so far) MTL

Invasion: Empyreal: Supports Invasion: Empyreal (so far) SBD

Invasion: Empyreal Gametype SBD

>>>>[NEW] Pictures and a video were added of Closure and Gust

Bottom Floor of Closure MTL
Middle Floor of Closure MTL
Top Floor of Closure MTL
How the middle of Closure works MTL
Gust: Blue base (Red base is identical) MTL
Gust: Green base (Yellow base is identical) MTL
Top View of Gust MTL

Alright well, thanks guys, cya ingame!

-Kris MTL

We’re almost done another map, tentatively named Waterfall, because of it’s location.
Also a 4v4 map.

When I get the time, I’ll take a look at these maps and give you some constructive criticism.

Alright, thanks any help is appreciated!

>>>>>>Gust photos added
>>>>>>Closure pics added
>>>A video was added showing how the middle works, as it baffled some people.