New maps in future updates outside of Forge - will it ever be a thing?

Are there any plans for 343 to add new maps to Halo Infinite? I’ve heard they’re very unlikely to do so outside of Forge, and I’m not sure if even Forge alone will make me continue to feel interested in the game.

I’m really loving Halo Infinite despite how much I suck at it (part of it I guess is the lack of the lifetime KDR stat, and the unique gunplay of Halo makes me keep coming back to it), but the fact that I’m stuck with playing the same maps over and over again (of which there aren’t even that many depending on whether one chooses to play BTB or not) is kind of a deal breaker for me. I don’t think there’s any other shooters out there I want to play and I’m not sure if I want to play Halo: MCC (I’ll miss the movement mechanics and animations of Halo Infinite for one).

What do you all think?

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I think 343 needs to stop hiding behind this so-call live service to milk the player base, and give us what they promised. I’m just referring to the basics that any other company doesn’t have anywhere near as many problems as 343 does.

For a multi billion dollar company. They sure do suck at producing content.


What basics are those? As someone who’s basically avoided battle royale shooters that operate on a free to play live service model, I’m struggling to figure out what would be considered necessary in a totally different shooter that has a similar or same business model.

I’m not going to list a bunch things because most should know what I’m referring to and I don’t deal with bait. That last part wasn’t directed at you.

But, just for the hell of it I’ll post one because I think this is comically asinine. What I’m about to say is common sense that 343 doesn’t seem to have even though it’s basic programming and has been in games for over a decade.

The mute option while running a match, you should just simply click on a players name and be done with it.

That is basic programming that for some reason after a decade 343 can’t handle.

Seeing as there are already 5 leaked maps in the works, I would say, yes.
I mean, why wouldn’t they? Other Halo’s had extra maps post launch and had forge

From what I’ve heard I thought that wouldn’t be the case. All I have to do is wait and see if those leaks are true. I’ve largely been under the impression that partly due to lore reasons, both Bungie and 343 don’t really release any new content post release, even in the days when games started to be more like a service.

No new maps=game dead before summer

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According to 343, they would like to port everything from past Halo titles to Infinite, basically every map, mode, and armor piece from Halo MCC and 5. They probably didn’t mean Assault or Wars, but I’d love to see that.

When will these ports happen? Sometime within the 10 years of service. Is there a roadmap? Nope.

What’s the plan? When Forge comes, 343 is working with Certain Affinity to apparently take popular user created Forge maps and modes and just take them to put into matchmaking. Free bandaid approach.

Hoping Forge map makers just make some really good vehicles at base BTB Bungie style maps. Would really make BTB much more tolerable if 343 took those for matchmaking.


Do you have sources to prove they are taking that approach with the maps? Just asking because I’d love to have them saved. Typical if they are, like the last 2 games relying heavily on user created maps like Reach as well. If they take this approach they better be offering a full map editing kit so people can make them unique and have environmental options. I mean, that would be a step up for the campaign even, all they have to do is offer Rain or Snow to trump that Rip Off.

Search Google for “Halo Infinite Certain Affinity Tatanka” and you’ll see tons of articles talking about recent podcasts with 343 and Certain Affinity working together on porting user made maps and modes. Here’s a clipped quote:

Ignoring the speculation of a progression system, they confirmed that they will be featuring player-created content, meaning user made maps and modes. Whether or not those users get any credit or rewards for their designs, is unknown, and equally unlikely. Maybe a thumbs up, but nothing special.

As for them wanting to port everything from MCC and 5, that was something Sketch said in a podcast before they took a holiday vacation when BTB first broke.

Yep. While I do like the current maps… they are beginning to get a bit stale.

Some new ones would be great.

And fingers crossed Forge takes the next step and we (ie. other talented people) can make more.

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Crazy that there’s hardly anything new being added already. Atleast 1 map. Why’s everything so quiet? They just post some explanation for things instead of adding or fixing something.

Also add a Spartan rank. The progression in this game is terrible and it needs an additional one. The challenge system is boring tedious and ruins gameplay

I haven’t heard anything of the sort.
New maps post launch almost always happen for live service games like this

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It’s strange why 343 are so slow or reluctant to take action on this even though they’ve had no problem releasing skins quite early and trying to milk players from it. PUBG and Apex Legends still managed to release a bunch of new maps as well as skins and are making a fortune. With Battlefield 2042, there’s at least transparency even though we’re not gonna expect new content until March (avoiding that game simply because of bugs that make custom Portal TDM matches unenjoyable for me).

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Actually, there’s a content update coming March 1. or earlier.
I think by no new content until march you meant no new content until S2 (which is in May)
Or were you referring to the Tac Ops event?

Maps I think, I’m not sure.

You mean no new maps until May/Season 2 then. right?
Probably, but maybe they’ll surprise us and get 1 soon