New maps Coliseum, Plaza, The Rig and Eden

looks awesome

Yah it does! Especially coliseum. Ur favorite?

holy shmoly that looked yoinking amazing!

Is it 10/27 yet?

They all look great, but I kinda wanna see more of plaza. I like city maps…the one for warzone looks great too, warthogs drivepup and down the highway/ turnpike…can’t wait.

How about that part when he jumps around the outside of the building and get the drop with the shotgun :slight_smile:
coliseum has alittle mix of solice and monlith feel to me…I like it

Such a good vid. I’ve watched this a few times already. Its amazing how fluid and easy it is to move around the map and so many hidden areas!

Sure, when I post this it goes completely ignored.

Sorry doc…sometimes its just timing, I work nights and will post something late at night and itll go hours unnoticed :-\