New map

343 should put new maps to the ranking lists

Like what and in what playlist

in all the list since the game became boring with the same as always


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> Well I’m not sure if that is going to happen. 343 is pretty busy with H6 and MCC’s uptade. I don’t think they have the time and ressources to make new maps.

We have such a big forge community…They don´t need to make one. They have enough maps to choose from.

it does not have to be maps created by them, they can put maps made by the community

that would be fun to have new maps, but i like the maps they already have :]

but it became boring the game with the same maps do not you think?

What they need to do again is having a Community Forge and playlist with a round of 10 potential community-made maps, and BTB needs a 5-map refresher in it’s own playlist.

I very much agree with you