New Map to Test..

I recently created a new battle map for team slayer and I am looking for 3-7 players to help me test it to make sure everything works out ok. I also want some feedback on the design and possible things to improve.

If you are interested post a comment with your gt or send me a message on xbox, my gt is HEROEZ BLADE117.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will only be on for another 1hour 30min, but if I dont get you in that time I will be on later… Still send me a message or post a comment if you are interested. Thanks.

I can’t test it now, but I may test it later given the time.

Is it on your fileshare? If so I’ll give it a quick run-through and come back with some feedback tomorrow.

Its not in my fileshare yet… I am hoping to have it tested before i put it in… I also want to test it with 3-7 other people so i can see how a full match would work out. If you didnt already just send me a message or friend request i can let you walk through it and see it…