new map needs feedback.

I would like to request feedback on my new map numb Numb

numb is a symmetrical 4v4 map located on the water between paradiso island and the Colosseum area. I could go into more details on how i think it plays, but how i play it of course will be different than everyone elses opinion. there for i hope to allow the map to speak for itself.

weapons are as follows
Power Weapons:
grenade launcher x2 120 sec 5 spare clips
sniper rifle x 2 101 sec 1 spare clip2 a
sword x1 180 sec
rocket launcher x 1 180 sec 1 spare clip

non power weapons
6 dmr
4 needle rifle
2 needler
2 assault rifle
2 plasma pistol
2 magnum
all 30 sec with 2 spare clips

also there are two mounted machine guns that are currently set at 30 sec in my file share but i have sense changed them to 123

screen shots.

overview this is an overview picture of the map, red team spawns on the far right and blue team spawns on the far left.
blue spawn on the sniper nest is where the mounted machine gun is located for the blue team. also on the structure in the middle is where the sword is.

rocket spawn from blue team spawn rockets are towards your right and from red team they are towards your left.

grav lift room the grav lift room is on the opposite side of the map from the rockets and is the fastest way to get from the bottom of the map to the top.

video coming as soon as i get a good 4v4 on it

looks good, ill download it and check it out

Looks pretty good, pretty well constructed.

Dont know about the grav lift room though…