New map: Malthon (Beacon)
Link to my profile and fileshare. Look at the 3 views of Malthon before you download incase you don’t like it!

ATM, i’m an author to be, since i’m half way through writing a book (the contents i’m not going to bore you with now). This map is a reimagination of a certain place in my book. In the book, however it is described as much, much bigger than it appears on this. There are no objective markers set on this map, since i just wanted to remake it from words to physical aperal. It is up to you users to make it how you want.

Sorry if you don’t find it that good, but i did try.
Pics to see:
-Malthon View 1, 2, 3 on my fileshare.

You nailed it in the aesthetic department but for game play it does not have a lot of respawn points (I don’t remember finding one).