New Machinima?

Hey I made a new machinima and i want your opinions on it! here a link: enjoy :slight_smile:

P.s like and comment, tell me if its good or bad, i need to know what I can improve on! :smiley:

Hey, I think the machinima was a good idea. You need to improve it in certain areas though. You need better camera work and flow, probably have at least five shots of each scene and use the best one. The script needs improvement, if there was one even to begin with, it needs to be revised and edited by two people at least.[ I could do this if you want because I have about two years of experience of writing scripts or editing them]. Also don’t use youtube editor, use a real program like final cut or something. If you cant do this, I can edit it because I have final cut. And the plot was pretty good to start, although do not put in teleporting guys. People will really talk garbage about that and it will piss them off as you read in your comments. And try not to use color filters, because that purple one made it look like a grape soda commercial. Use real affects for this and i think halo 4 will have some high grade stuff hopefully.

I saw it, and it was good, just need to make a few changes. im uploading my however, there will be some mistakes but thats only just episode 1. Do you guys know anyone who is good with recording and after effects.