New machinima channel

Now I was just banned for doing this on the Forums because I did not read the rules very clearly (Do not advertise.) This time I read through the rules and did not see anything prohibiting me from doing so… I have recently created a Machinima channel on youtube and because I am not doing anything productive at the moment, I thought I would do a little advertising :slight_smile: I have had many complications up to this point on creating my videos so I hope that is all out of the way now and I will be able to get them up soon enough. I would really appreciate if you headed over to and subscribed and possibly also leave a channel comment replying to the questions I have posted there. For the most part, all I am asking for at the moment is for your suggestions on what you think should be in a video, possible line additions, character ideas, ETC. So if you would be so kind as to give it a chance and check out my channel, I would really appreciate it. Thanks everyone!

And just to make this clear that this is relevant to Halo, I was implying that I ment to make Halo Machinima and I thought you all would enjoy them once I actually get something up for show. Just clarifying :slight_smile:

The Community Creations forum is to present your latest Halo-related artifact ideas of completed creations. Be it Music Video, Animation or Machinima, its always welcome here. Tak note young one for you are about to receive knowledge from a Machinima Director with 3-4 Years experience on the field :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m King Sangos. I’m the Director of Wings of Equilibria

1.) It is all fine and dandy to state that you are going to make videos but we need to see what you specialise in exactly. To do this, you have to make a video demo reel of sorts. Similar to Voice Acting Demo Reels by Voice Acting enthusiasts, you have to show us some experiment that you made. A portfolio of sorts.

2.) Machinima is never easy. To start making Machinima is perhaps one of the hardest steps. Here is a simple answer. Take as much time as you need. What I mean by this is never feel rushed or intimidated into creating an absolute masterpiece. You will find out that your idea will be assimilated and desecrated the second you make the idea into a reality. This happens to all Machinima Directors of a young age. When I was 14, I wanted to make the best Machinima ever with big epic battle scenes and plenty of fan service. I wanted to be famous on YouTube. I was such a fool then. I released one of my ideas which I called Nightmare. Nightmare was changed into Amethyst and eventually Amethyst became the Halo: Reach Tyrant, Wings of Equilibria. Time is plentiful. It will never go suddenly.

3.) I can’t stress enough that you should never make Internet Renown your key motive. This includes nonsense comments such as “Subscribe, Rate, Comment and Like”. Doing this seems like an act of desperation and ultimately makes you look greedy and forceful. You should let your audiences interpret your products and let them do what they want. It should be by choice not by influence.

4.) Don’t get too personally involved with your audiences. You will get alot of stress coming from this. Remain true to visions and persist towards it.

That’s all I have to say. Good luck with your future endeavors.

How coincidential (sp?) that you would post on this because right before I put up this thread, I watched your first episode part 1 of the Wings of Equilibria series. I thought it was good so far but havnt really looked into it yet. I understand the points you are making above and I agree. I dont believe that saying subscribe means I am looking for publicity. I am only doing this as a fun hobby and mentioned that if people wished to check it out that I would appreciate it. I plan to do this first and foremost for my own pleasure and if others like it, I am glad.