New Lore for season 3?

So if you play on the cliffhanger map every once and a while this weird forcefield type thing appears on the map but I think this may actually be lore related not any annoying bug. First I want to point out the weird forcefield looks a lot like Banished forcefield. We know that Iratus is probably inside the UNSC’s network so this may be him. But here is the big one. In the new cinematic Iratus talks about finding the truth. Now I thin the truth is that ONI is hiding something. Ironically enough the only thing that is showing this weird banished forcefield is the map cliffhanger which is a ONI facility. So my theory is ONI is hiding something big and Iratus wants it badly. This may just be a dumb theory when we learn more lore but I really think the forcefields are intentional and Iratus is trying to infiltrate ONI.

I mean, ya, clearly.
Its pretty overtly tied to the event dude.
Same as the door on live fire.
This isnt a theory lev. Its fact.

Edit: bro I said you were right no need for salt.