New issue of Gamesmaster covers Halo 5

A new issue of Gamesmaster magazine came out today that has a good article about Halo 5 and upcoming changes.

That link will let you read it for free if you sign up (and you won’t get charged at the end of the free trial which is a bonus).

Doesn’t work for me…

Is this endorsed by 343? Because if it’s not, it’s going to be speculation or just rephrasing what we already know.

According to the article, they got early access to Halo 5’s beta, so it’s an objective review as far as I can tell. Don’t know if it’s endorsed. I just thought it an interesting article.

@Osqutin, try downloading their app and going straight to the mag - when I did it I got two weeks free access.

I can’t get it on my phone. Does it say anything interesting?

Addition of Spartan abilities - but they say don’t roll your eyes and think of COD - apparently it’s quite well done and there’s more of an emphasis on tactics. Apparently there will be exclusive gear for owners of Halo: MCC.

Summary (quoted from mag, not my opinion):

  • points: Slicker, smoother, faster, and yet somehow still undeniably Halo. 343 is onto something special.
  • points: Some might look at the new Spartan Abilities and see them as derivative of the likes of COD and Titanfall.

Thrill-o-meter 5/5 - and we thought The Master Chief Collection was essential on XO…