New Invasion maps ruined Invasion

I love Invasion i used to play it everyday but that was until the new maps came into the playlist i for one can’t stand the new maps please remove them

Spire and Boneyard are easily some of the worst Invasion scenarios I’ve played in Reach, even including horribly unfinished pre-alpha maps I’ve helped test. I’ve had enjoyable experiences playing them, but compared to the potential the gametype has and that I’ve seen in customs, I think they’re extremely conducive to boring first phases and chaotic latter phases. What I’ve seen of the new maps hasn’t been extremely inspiring, but it seems to be an improvement to the playlist as a whole. Even if the new stuff wasn’t reasonably playable, the scenario variety alone is something the playlist has been screaming for since 9/14/10.

I got bored of the playlist playing the same two maps over and over, not counting Breakpoint here as that very rarely ever appears. Can you provide your reasoning why you dislike the new maps so they could be improved?

Gameplay in general
Balance (Vehicular/Powerweapons)
Spawn locations
Objective locations
Transitional Cover
Too easy/hard to defend

Providing feedback in those areas would go a long way of making the playlist better for all.

A good start would be removing those shotgun / sword loadouts from the final rounds. Boneyard round 3 is an absolute joke.

I love the new Invasion maps. I was getting tired of Boneyard and Spire over and over again. The same scenery, the same routes, it got tedious. Granted Breakpoint did come into play but lets be honest how often do you see it in the Invasion playlist? The only time i see Breakpoint is on the Squad DLC playlist. I think the inclusion of the new maps is a very good move by 343 Industries, because it allows the community to play on maps made by people just like them. I also know the people who made the maps as well, so guess you could say i am a bit biased but still, if you wouldn’t allow new maps to come into play, then you are just degrading the game you play, and not letting it to expand. If you disagree then that is your own opinion, but this was mine. :smiley:

I personally enjoy the new maps and it has freshened up the playlist completely, and from what I’ve played of them, they all flow well and promote fun gameplay with multiple strategies available. All in all they are good solid maps and well done to the community forgers that made them!

I know there are always players that complain about the greyness of Forge World maps but I see no problem with it whatsoever, also considering they are free!! I would be interested to see if people still complained about these forge maps if they were made actual maps by 343 which are exactly the same just not made in Forge.

Anyway, well done to everyone who made these Invasion maps, top job!

I hate all the Forge World maps published by 343 and bungie. They lack the luster and the fun the “actual” maps do, and the recent invasions maps top them all off. Now, instead of fun games played on a polished map, we get to play unbalanced games on a map that took 4 hours to make, so we can die every 3 seconds to 5 different people using heavy weapons. Unbalanced.

In every game on these new Invasion maps, I have been the sole remainder, or the other team has all left. People leave because the map sucks. I have not met a single person who likes them. I even heard the comment, “I hope we don’t capture the point so we don’t have to play on this crap map.”

In every playlist, I WILL NOT vote for a Forge World map that wasn’t included with the game disc. The reason being… They all suck. Sure you may have better statistics or whatever, but the point of the game is to have fun.
2 Reasons I hate all new forge world maps…

  1. Aesthetically boring and the same as all the rest, but that’s every FW map.
  2. Crappy layouts are abundant in the new forge world maps. All of them have simple and boring written all over them. Not to mention the “where is everything” factor. If they made more maps as good as uncaged, I would be happy to play them. But all of them seem to have been churned out just to keep the crowds from rioting over being “bored.”

PLEASE 343! MAKE BETTER MAPS FOR HALO 4! I WILL HATE YOU IF YOU DON’T. Don’t ruin your first impression. You may kill halo for me, and halo, is THE reason I own xbox. I only have Halo games.

I’m not a fan of having SO MANY forge maps in matchmaking, but Invasion is one of those playlists that NEEDS community maps. Why? B/c w/o them there are only 2 (3 if you’re lucky enough to get Breakpoint) Invasion maps which got very boring very quickly. Now that we have new Invasion maps, I’m actually playing Invasion again for the first time in a long time, and I find my self actually going back to it too instead of just playing a few games and then taking vacation like I used to.

They’re terrible maps, but I think it’s a little hyperbolic to say that they’ve killed the entire playlist.

I love the new maps, they’re really enjoyable to play and add a very much needed variety to the playlist. It got extremely boring to play the same two maps over and over again.

I always love seeing new community maps in matchmaking, but this is a playlist that really needed them. Kudos to those who made them!

They play o-k, but to me they just look like a few rocks n blocks thrown into an empty field…

I love the invasion maps, the only one i realy see a flaw in is overgrowth. The defending team in the first phase gets too cocky and tries to spawn kill by camping on those rocks. The map i find is too cluttered and there are barley any long lines of sight which destroys the purpose of the needle rifles for the elites in the first phase. For the defending team, the DMRs give the spartans a pretty unfair advantage on the left flank (attacking left).

This is not the case in all the games and for the most part the map is fine.

Floodgate is by far my favorite. The tank however is too easy to spawn kill the attacking team on the third phase via a small gap in the rocks. I racked up a killtackular from that.

Overall i see no problem with the maps. I wish though that invasion slayer was promoted more as it adds an iteresting twist to btb.

Boneyard is an example of how rockets, snipers and lasers together ruin a game. From the second the third phase starts, if the elites hesitate and launch their attack late on the core, then they gat blown to bits. The sniper has a huge line of sight down to the core capture area.

Spire is not much better. The first two phases are great but the third becomes boring and extremely hard.

These are all my own opinions and i am open to discussion.

I for one cannot stand your lack of grammar.

The new Invasions maps add a more variety to the Invasion playlists; it got a little boring being restrained to only Boneyard, Spire, and Breakpoint (which I rarely got to use due to the lack of a DLC playlist).

No, I hate them. I don’t play Team Slayer anymore because of them.

I REALLY** think 343 should make another playlist only including community made maps.

Love em. Hadn’t played invasion in a year, so glad it’s finally more than just the same two terrible maps.

In agreement with ZeroFlame1337, All community maps should be placed into a Community playlist like in Halo 3.

Everytime updates come out, Halo:Reach is destroyed.

> In agreement with ZeroFlame1337, All community maps should be placed into a Community playlist like in Halo 3.
> Everytime updates come out, Halo:Reach is destroyed.

All community maps weren’t in a single playlist in halo 3… they were spread throughout the entire game. This is why you got community maps in living dead, team doubles, action sack…

people just whine too much.

Well I happen to like the new maps. I don’t mind the Forge World maps myself then again everybody has different opinions.

> No, I hate them. I don’t play Team Slayer anymore because of them.
> I REALLY** think 343 should make another playlist only including community made maps.
I’m not sure you understand. Why would you not play Team Slayer anymore because of the new Invasion maps? I think you’re confused.

> Personally, I love the new Invasion maps. I don’t see anything wrong with them other than occasionally spawning too far away. Other than that, they’re excellent.

Bad? These new Invasion maps aren’t exactly terrible, and they certainly don’t ruin the Invasion playlist. Sure, they may look like a pile of gray metal and rocks, but that’s why you use your imagination. You also probably don’t understand how Invasion works (Fire teams, Progression, etc.) and the amount of effort that goes into making one. I do agree that too many community maps saturate playlists (take Team Slayer for example), but playing on two maps over and over again is not enjoyable, and the new maps made the Invasion playlist enjoyable again. If you still don’t like the new maps, keep in mind the veto button is there for a reason.