New invasion maps in the work??

I don’t mind playing the usual Invasion maps every now and then but I’m hoping for new Invasion maps, something new and refreshingly different than the old ones. Is there any plan for new Invasion maps coming?? I was a bit disappointed that 343/MGS didn’t include a new Invasion map or two for Halo CEA mappack.

Just wondering if there’s anything new coming up from 343/MGS soon?

Hello friend. Come join us on the linked thread here for those of us who want to see some REAL Invasion updates. The more support we have put together in one thread the greater the chance we may have for 343 to take notice of this plight and address it and actually make a big update to Invasion with more maps or plan to make more maps with Invasion in mind. Or something! Anything would do just to increase variety at this point I should think.

No new maps.

I agree invasion defiantly needs more maps, i hope they do some or at the very least have more from the start with halo 4 (amusing they are still doing invasion)