New Invasion Map: Recision

Hey guys, this is my first post on the new site, and i’ve got to say, there are some pretty good maps on here.
Anyway back to the point. I have been working on this invasion map for about 3 months, and I think it is unque because you start off attacking in the interior. The invasion map is 4v4, and I am currently look for testers, so just PM me, my gamertag is P00r Mexicans.

By the way, if you test it with me, and I am in an eight player party, I will make a sort of machinima like video, but also promoting the map itself. So there you go, if you want an easy wasy to get on youtube or a video for that matter, just PM sometime.

I will most likely send a game invite when alot of my friends and you’s that would like to join me at the same time. I also have a couple of other maps, but you don’t have to look at them if you dont want to.If you want to look at them, or even play them, they are in my fileshare.

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