New Infected needs a re-think

I love all things halo and 343 have really made quite an achievement with halo 4 but i have a really big problem with the new infected. Halo has always had the best infected playlist in my eyes and its not that i don’t like the new idea that its flood hunting you, its the fact that they have shields and its no longer one shot the head to kill the -Yoinks!-, this makes you burn through ammo and doesn’t make the gameplay as fun or exciting as previous. Also the gadgets that the flood have give them an annoying advantage as i’ve always found that with halo infected the main aim of the flood (in this case) is to overwhelm the survivors. if they have to have a gadget only have Promethean Vision.

So overall:

Bring back headshots
Get rid of shields
take away the gadgets (except Promethean Vision)
and give back sprint

P.S. Give the last man standing a friggin overshield!!! and give the survivors back their original colors not a god dam luminescent yellow

Agree 1000000.2 % I am sick of these flood trusterpacking me everytime. also i stick out like a sore thumb from the green.