New Ideas For Requisitions

Hi ereryone!!! It is jaygreen7 back at it again! Today I wanted to get some feedback on reqs.

Idea #1: Timed Boosts
We all get frustrated when we use a
legendary boost and then loose the match
in a minute. My idea is that boosts that
for certain amounts of time, say 30
minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour, etcetera,
should be added to the game.

Idea #2: Returning Reqs
Has anyone ever looked at a really neat
req and said, “Wow, I wonder where I can
get that?” Many of the best reqs are not
available anymore. A great way to up the
game’s profits would be to make at least
some of these reqs available in packs
that are similar to the HCS pack and the
Memories of Reach pack. These could
also be part of the reward that is replacing
Arena season emblems.

Thanks again!!!

I like the idea of timed reqs; it’s kinda like some games where you use a 2x money for 1 hour. It’s a good idea. Also, how about bringing back the greatest hits req pack. I would be willing to pay for that.

I would like to see 4 loadout weapons for warzone, the reach ar, reach DMR, Halo 3 flame thrower and a different varsion of the CE pistol (req varient can get 3 shot kills and you have speedboost, maybe the loadout makes it 4 or 5 hit kills, no speed boost, and gets you less ammo?)

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> Halo 3 flame thrower

As a loadout? Also she the OP said timed boosts it gave me an idea for activatable powerups, like instead of turning on a camp the moment you get it, you go to the enemy base then activate it so as to not waste some of it