New idea for ratings system (kind of long)

First, you would like your K/D ratio to take some influence into your skill so that would be a x2 in the equation, also you would need a minimum of 5 to 10 kills for this rule to even apply, why well how would you feel if someone got one kill than hid in a corner for you or his teammates to do the dirty work and hopefully get a win for him. Second, Winning and losing. This one could be one of the easiest and the hardest ones to decide on, but I think if you win it should double your K/D influence while if you lose it will halve it, that way everyone will be encouraged to win. Third, how you would you show your skill, well it wouldn’t be exactly like one through fifty again, but something more long-term but at the same time fast approachable, to do that you would need two separate skill tracking systems. One would save how you did and would store it into one of +5 categories ranging from really bad to excellent. When your score/rating is made up at the end of the game it would automatically put into one of the categories that work something like this:
Excellent: +5 skill points; five “perfect” matches – Win with nearly half your teams kills* Very Well: +3 skill points; three very good matches – Win with most your teams kills* Bad luck/team: +2 skill points; lose with high Kills and K/D ratio +15 kills 1-4 deaths Average: +1 skill point; Win with good K/D ratio Ex) 10 out of 50 kills 5-7 deaths* Mediocre: -1 skill point; lose with negative K/D ratio (Optional) Failure: -3 skill points; lose with highly negative K/D ratio (Optional) Freeloader: -2 skill points; Win with low or Negative K/D ratio (see first tip)
Once the categories filled up with three matches that have stats that meet their criteria the effect/rule will be applied to your skill number after it’s applied it will be reset to zero again so it could be refilled to three or whatever the skill point increase requires. Fourth, The skill set should be 1-100 to allow a more accurate rating system If you have ideas or think I missed something which I’m sure I did please ask and post. J TL;DR New idea to replace or update “1-50” with
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