New idea for Halo Infinite.

What if, you can combine Halo Wars with Big Team Battle.

8 players in each team playing in first person, plus 1 commander in each team playing RTS style like halo wars, for a total of 10 players in the game mode.
The commander build bases, call in A.I reinforcements, vehicles, send waypoints and relay information to the team, while all the other players are trying to complete the objectives and win the match.

Something like this?
Fable Legends.

Like Dust 514? It’s a fine concept, but I don’t see it going well. Remember, this’s the company that made TMCC and Warzone.

Cool idea in general, but not for the next installment. I feel like 343 needs to nail this one, and going way too crazy with something like this might screw it up.

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> Like Dust 514? It’s a fine concept, but I don’t see it going well. Remember, this’s the company that made TMCC and Warzone.

At least Warzone was a contained gametype. All the reqs and everything didn’t have any effect on the gameplay in Arena - so I suppose offering a gamemode that had OP’s idea, confined to a specific playlist, could work.

But it’s been doubted that added functions like this could work. I was excited about the Division, but they cancelled their second screen app for the fear it would be impossible to balance.

“Contained gametype” at the expense of Big Team. It’ll never happen because it’s their only hope of making money, but Warzone needs to go for the benefit of the playerbase. On one hand, you have the exploitation of consumers via lootboxes/ “REQ Packs;” on the other hand you have a totally nonsensical, completely unbalanced clustermuck that negatively affects every gametype outside of Slayer. I don’t have a problem with the OP’s idea—it’s genuinely a fantastic concept—I just don’t have faith in 343.

I love the concept and i could see it working great for arranged games, however there are niggly issues during random MM, like who will be the commander, is there rotation or is it a lock-in etc. As bob said, the ideas there, i dont have faith in the dev.

To tweak your idea / offer a similar thing i’ve been thinking, i’ve always thought having a points system / base building alongside OBJ BTB games could be sweet, like scoring or slaying or even destroying vehicles maybe gives the team collective pool of base points which the team can reinforce their base with, any player can choose to reinforce midgame. I’m torn whether to have points a pool or each player has separate points for spending however. The base would have a final shape/form so essentially the base is pre-made but how and where you choose to reinforce is optional. The ideaa is to start minimal which would allow for easier caps, but as the game goes on there’s a bigger standoff.