New Hunt the Truth document?

Saw this on another forum, does anyone know if it’s legit. It’s not on the website but looks pretty elaborate to be fake.

I’m not sure. Seems relevant, but likely to be fake. Nevertheless, what did the other forum have to say about it? Who brought it up?

Be careful, as moderators will likely block your account for this. It looks legit, and makes sense in the context of what we have been given thus far from 343, but who knows.

There was a thread discussing this in GD earlier, but as I said there it’s probably nothing. I mirrored the image in the first post on my own imgur account in case it gets wiped. I wouldn’t look too much into this though. Unless it comes from the tumblr site, mark it as fake until you can get a verified source.

Fake. Just someone with an unsteady hand with MS paint.