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The Sway below is my analysis of themes in the Halo Infinite Trailer to learn about how 343i use Film Code (Cinematography) to create storyboards and hidden clues in both in the Game Engine Demo and the Trailer. First, it demonstrates how to read Cinematography using the Star Wars Episode 9 Teasers. If you don’t want potential Spoilers to either Halo Infinite or Star Wars Episode 9, then avoid the relevant videos sections, or this whole article…

UPDATE: NEW! Added Oct 22nd, the SW9 Final Trailer analysis, “hot off the press” from last night!

NOTE: the videos in this article are designed to be played Full-Screen in a Desktop Browser (as some text is very small). If, as in Edge Browser, videos 1 to 7 won’t play embedded in the page, click on the cloud symbol on the video to open a new tab and view it in OneDrive. If using Android Mobile Browsers (e.g. Chrome, Edge), go into settings and click “View as Desktop Site”, then click cloud symbol in video which will open the video in OneDrive in a new tab.

I hope you enjoy it, and are inspired by the article and videos to check out those Halo Infinite Trailers again for more clues! :wink:

Click here to see: “Trailer Cinematography: From Star Wars 9 To Halo Infinite”