New Helmets?!?

My friend and I were playing Lone Wolf(Last mission) and after both dieing, I didn’t see my spartan fighting until he died, I saw a white spartan! He had on some odd chest (never seen it) and after he died and the movie started to play, I didn’t see my helmet, I saw what looked to be the coolest looking helmet ever! (My friend said he saw his spartan and his helmet both times) I put a link so you can see it.The New/Awesome Helmet! After that the next movie it showed had a different helmet too! It looked like the Commando Helmet with a different attachment on it! Second new Helmet! I wanted to know If anyone else has seen these helmets? I mean, is 343 showing us a couple of the Halo 4 helmets? I for one really hope they are, because that first Helmet looks so amazing in my opinion!

The helmets you see at the end of Lone Wolf are mash ups or all the Reach helmets. It’s happened since the start of Reach, but only when you do it in Co-op