New hard drive/loss of limtied edition bonus'

So i got a new hard drive so i would have enough room for spartan ops, and now i cant see any of my specializations or anything i used from the redeem code part…

i cant go into download history and do them again cuz its blank…

and cant redeem a code twice.

So what do i do???

Call xbox support.

I think thats the only thing you can do :frowning:

You dun goofed.

I would say just either call xbox support or I think you can get them to re download over :).


You need to transfer your files from old harddrive to new harddrive. Need a Transfer Cable Plug, and possibly a CD, depending on which kit you get.

It is a simple procedure and you will still have everything you ever have downloaded etc.

You can still do this regardless if you have already transfered your base gamertag to the new harddrive.

This is not a major issue, and is easily remedied by doing as I said in my first post.