Hey guys,

Just want to start off by saying this one of the best chat and forums I have been on yet. You are guys are all very friendly and welcoming. We have a stream team that is in full swing and are looking for new people to play with in Halo. We have recently stopped playing Destiny and have a large following now coming to Halo to come hangout. The three of us at Project Cerberus have all grown up on Halo and look forward to getting back into the swing of things and having a blast. We do nightly giveaways and look forward to the great conversations about the game and others as well. The link for our channel will be below if you want to come check us out and have a good time.
Thanks for time and look forward to seeing you guys soon.

Project Cerberus

We are super excited to get back to our roots!! Grinding out Halo1-4 and Beta 5! Thanks for all the warm welcomes and all that Waypoint is !!

From all the guys at Project Cerberus!

Let’s get some skulls tonight!! Im sooo close!!

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free cerberus

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> Do not make nonconstructive posts.
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wow how is this a bad thing if ban post like this but not ones that say I farted u should not work here