New Halo Reach Map Anthem

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The map is based around a two floor structure that connects the two bases on the second floor. The walkways above stem from the bases and leads to the shotgun spawn. Below the shotgun spawn is a drop down hole made
from glass sails.
The Lower Floor is a very intricate design that has a foot bath in the middle with a very nice design made with glass sails. The bath is set just below the water line so the waves wash over the design in a very serene way. The walls are mostly glass and the cover is made with Pyramid structures that have been lowered. The lower floor contains a dmr spawn and the Rocket Launcher Spawn.
Both Bases are across from each other and connect to all floors through different routes. A man cannon sits behind them to raise the player to the upper floor. Here is the left and right sides of the bases.
A Landing Platform sits at the top of the map and is directly across from a building I affectionately call the Eye. The bottom of the Eye has a DMR Spawn and a man cannon that leads up to the upper floor. The upper floor has a good view of the map and a direct view of the landing platform across from it. Both areas provide good cover to hide behind or escape from quickly. The landing platform has three connecting bridges with cover and the Eye allows for a drop through the eye itself or back through the man cannon hole if taken from the side.


Looks cool! Usually when making maps I just lose the inspiration or the flow.

My advice to you would be too come up with that cool idea that you want to put in a map (For me it was the bottom floor of the center building in Anthem) And then plan out the map from there on paper. That way you don’t run into trouble later down the line.

Looks good. Downloads