New Halo Reach Grifball Clan

Hello everyone. I have formed a new Halo Reach grifball clan, The Viking Warriors. I am looking for strong allies. Our main focus is grifball, but a change every now and then is ok. If you interested please reply to this post. I can walk you though what you must do to become a Viking Warrior. We shall vanquish our foes, and once we fall, we shall meet up again in Valhalla.

Hmmm sound cool. I’ll try it out. Just send me a friend request and I,ll play with you to see what its like.

Any other takers? Looking to gather a fair amount of vikings in preparation of Halo 4. We will transition over to Halo 4 once it comes out. Hope there’s grifball on Halo 4.

Bumping this. I’m really trying to further this clan. Come on now, I now there’s more grifball fans out there.

Interested in joining, send me a message/Friend Request.

this sounds good im willing to join. Big grifball fan

im in
justush117 message me

I’ll try it i love grifball so thats cool send me a friend request and we’ll talk

Hmm im willing to join your clan. Add me, grifball is all i play!