New Halo Reach Glitch: Only on Spire

Hey guys check out this new glitch one of my friends found. Hope you guys like it. I had never seen this before with plasma bolts. Only with Plasma Launcher shots. This -Yoink- looks awesome! Let me know what you all think!
Halo Reach Glitch Spire Floating Plasma Bolts

This is also possible on boneyard, and was discovered ages ago by nowise10. So get -Yoinked!-.

Sorry, I had a 14 hour road trip today, in a bad mood. In sincerely apologise for that, and I hope you have fun with the glitch. I tried it. It’s really fun.

Cool…This is the first time I had seen it…and we ended up overloading the map and thee spire force field disappeared…for those of you that havent seen it enjoy messing with this one