New Halo Reach Black Controller

Hey guys check this new reach controller out, instead of the brushed silver this one is black still looks pretty cool!


Looks good, but KP confirm that its a fake on the HBO forums ):

> Looks good, but KP confirm that its a fake on the HBO forums ):
> lolfaek


Hopes and dreams of having one black one silver in the reach console shot down.

O rly? I like the new look of it. I though that only the silver one was going to make it through though. Looks like microsoft and Bungie are changing things up a bit. :smiley:

Sweet, I think the Black is a little more stylish and it definitely appeals to my aesthetic tastes.


Yeah I saw this earlier on HBO. Looks pretty damn nice. I’m a fan of the black controller, so I may just end up picking up the Reach version of it.

Looks slick, might have to pick that one up. I need a second controller anyway.

I like how the black controller look. Hopefully we’ll get an official confirmation on this.

> Looks good, but KP confirm that its a fake on the HBO forums ):
> lolfaek

FAKE?! Oh man, that sucks… it looks sweet.

I would have definitely preferred a black Reach console and/or it’s accessories instead of the gray one.

To me the controllers are just not worth it. The Halo 3 ones with the artwork on them were great, and they came with action figures. These are just slapped with some writing. If I needed a new controller, I would get the Reach one. Otherwise, it’s not very worthy of my money. They’re really expensive, too.

Controller looks great in silver, but it looks even better in black, too bad it won’t happen.

I was hoping that the reach controller would light up like the covie or forerunner tech does. Tron got their 360 light up controller.

Can’t wait to get one of these!!

I wish this wasn’t a fake cause it looks pretty cool…

it looks good but the only way id buy it would be if my controler was wore out to the point were i needed a new one and it was on sale cuz i can buy a new non reach themed one for cheep and just paint it to look any way i want even in a halo tribute for less than what they charge for these type of themed controlers when they first come out but still the desing looks slick in black but i dont think we will be seeing this coler sceam any ways (and i replace my controlers often i pefer a stif analog sticks cant stand a sloppie controler i even go as far as to have two still n orignel box on hand for back up)