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Hello everybody, my name is Matthew and I am currently writing an intense, action packed Halo war novel. I am only fifteen (15) years old and have been working on this book for a good year now! The book is not titled yet, but I am thinking of the title now. Anyways, It would be awesome If you guys could check it out for me, actually for yourself! This book is actually pretty interesting and really fun to follow, as new chapters are written every week! This novel is based on the halo franchise, but does not include Covenant features. The novel is about two (2) armies fighting for freedom against each other, their names are SRT and TFU. Alongside all the detailed gore/drama the readers get to follow a specif squadron known as Omega Squad. Omega Squadron is a full task squad that originally contained of twenty (2) soldiers, but during a TFU invasion on one of SRT’s mot secure military outpost, TFU units eliminated more than half of Omega Squad, leaving just James S. Mason (Main Character) and a couple of his favorite men to battle against TFU alongside with the regular army. If you are interested in reading this story, it is first person and can be found in my original clan website. Each of the character I have created have their very own personalities that spark up the book like nothing else. One of my favorites, would be the older and rather wise soon-to-be sergeant of Omega Squadron, Tom Gunther, but most people are a huge fan of the more younger and timid character Shane Miller. Like I said, you follow the character James S.Mason, a troubled soldier who has just lost his uncle Edward Pillar in a pelican gunship crash during The Battle of Fallen Log. But don’t think the first battle is over?! Get on my website no (below) to read the ten or so chapters I have written right now, all the way from Chapter One! Now, I bet you guys are wondering, what prize is this kid talking about? Well every two weeks or so, I have an SRT Story Trivia Game where I will ask questions or events that have happened in the story. For example If I ask, what two soldiers were killed in the mansion firefight? I will put a bunch of answers below, and If you read the book and get details/answers about the question and be the first 1-5 people to win, then you win 400-1600 MICROSOFT POINTS! — Depending on the Question — VISIT WEBSITE NOW AND SPREAD THE WORD!!!

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