NEW! Halo Motivational Music Video =]

Hey everyone i just was inspired to make this after the Whole Youtube Ad crisis thing. It had me think that there are so many people who deserve a good life, so many people who are held down by others, so many people who deserve better. I believe one thing we lack in our society these days is HOPE. Nobody believes in each other anymore and it makes me sad. I see all the great things we can achieve. Even a smaller community like a Video game community has a big part in this world of internet and digital content. I just want to see all the suffering stop and make the people in charge take responsibility for their negligent actions. But it all starts with Hope. Honestly i have been pretty upset about this #YoutubeCrisis and it really drained me of my desire and motivation to keep making content. I dont want my dreams to die i want to live my dreams and help other people live theirs as well. I want to give people Hope that things will get better if we just dont give up and work together. That is the message i wish to give by creating this video. To all my spartan brothers and sister, Never give up and stay ready. Although my Channel is small i am definitely seeing a drop in views and have been cut off from monetization just because my channel was not big enough. I would Love it so much if you could Leave a like or a dislike if you dont and a Comment letting me know what you think. I cant wait to hear from you but untill then best of luck in all your journeys and ill see you soon. Peace! =]