New Halo game?

I was wondering if anyone can confirm if i was hearing rumors about another halo game coming out or is there really going to be one?

See for yourself.

There are 3 Halo games in the works, Halo CEA, which is a remake of Halo CE, to celebrate the 10 years of Halo, Halo 4 is most likely half way done or close finale steps of finishing, and another Halo game which may or may not be in the starting stages of it’s life, and rather that be Halo 5, or some other Halo title, we will not know until after Halo 4 is released.,\

And technically at least 4 games planned, as Halo 4 is supposed to be the start of a new trilogy.

a trilogy is a set of 3 and halo 4 is the start.

> …and another Halo game which may or may not be in the starting stages of it’s life

What? When did they mention this? Or where did the rumors start? If it’s true, I hope it’s Halo Wars 2

Ok, I’m going to point out that what I said doesn’t state that there are rumors, or that 343 has said any thing.
But I am going to say this: There is a VERY good chance that 343 is in the works of wrighting the stories for Halo 5 and maybe even 6, and also most likely started the very early work on Halo 5.
But we will not know this to be true until after they announce those titles and release them. But from common sense, I have a good feeling that game deves don’t announce “HEY, we’re making such-and-such game.” at E3, show some kick -Yoink- trailer and start making the game, there’s a lot more work put into games.

Also, I’ve tried many times to post a reply, and every time it doesn’t make it. But any ways, in one reply, I was a smart -Yoink-, but, I am going to point out that yes there is 3 in trilogy, and 343 is going to make a new trilogy of Halo, AND Halo CEA!

When i was reading OXM today, it says that O’Conner already knows the overall story arc but not the intricate details of all of the games. Except Halo 4 of course.