New Halo game idea, (like a halo: reach 2)

Ok guys, hear me up, I’ve gotten this idea by watching videos of future Halo games ideas, and while I was watching them, I came across this:

Everybody is asking for a Halo spinoff game like Reach or ODST, so I was thinking… what about a game based on Sanghelios, after the events of Halo 5 but before 6.
The story would be like this:
Cortana’s army attacks Sanghelios, the Grunts, annoyed of tears of forced servitude and being mistreated by the sangheli, are more powerful than ever, also the forerunner are in this army, with whole new weapons, vehicles and combat forms.
Since humans are allies with the sanghelli now, you are part of an assault team of 5 members, 2 elites, 2 humans and you… and here is the fun part, you can either be a human or an elite, you choose.
You can customize the appearance of your soldier, and you can also play cooperative with 1 more player.
On the campaign, you complete missions in order to repell the attack drone the invaders, some teammates may die, maybe not, that depends,and in the end, you will save Sanghelios. The gameplay will be similar to both Reach and ODST.
On the multiplayer, you can make a Battle royale mode using your character.
I really liked warzone, so I would put it back, with teams formed with Humas and Elites.
I would like to see the return of the classic firefight along with the new one.
Thats all for now, hope you like it :slight_smile:

PD: you will be able to be a female Sangheli too.
Maybe, there could be an introduction to the flood for Halo 6

I think it’s what we need