New Halo frigate: UNSC Nevada

2553: The war with the Covenant is over. The UNSC enters a period of consolidation and replenishment of its devastated fleets, 85% of which were lost during the war. Due to the high attrition rate of frigates during the conflict- particularly in atmospheric engagements- a new generation of UNSC frigates were required. Applying lessons learned during the flagship ‘Infinity’s construction and the utilization of recently reclaimed Forerunner technology, the new ‘Nevada’ class of UNSC frigates were born. Defensive Capabilities UNSC Nevada was launched in late 2553. Notably the smallest UNSC vessel to be equipped with Integrated Shield Technology, the Nevada was specifically intended to provide escort cover for the new flagship. The Nevada’s new energy shielding meant that the ship would be much more capable of absorbing damage from plazma and beam weapons (which the Covenant had used to such devastating effect), especially when in the vulnerable position of deploying troops/equipment on a planet surface. However, the UNSC were keen not to stray too far from the few key features which gave their older warships their limited effectiveness against the technologically superior Covenant fleets. Therefore, armor plating was retained in key areas, adopting the old US Naval ‘All or Nothing’ armor principle. In other words, the most vulnerable areas of the ship (such as the engines) were covered with the thickest plating available, whilst other more redundant areas had virtually no armor at all. This meant that the ship carried, on average, 40% less armor than its predecessors and so could significantly out-perform them in terms of speed and maneuverability, yet if the ship were to crash land on a planet’s surface, it is predicted to have approximately 60% chance of remaining largely intact. Offensive Capabilities The MAC gun, or Magnetic Pic 1Accelerator Cannon, is standard equipment on most modern UNSC vessels. During it’s intial construction, the Nevada was retrofitted in 2552 with an updated configuration of its MAC system, famously innovated by the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. Most MAC systems had to recharge the magnetic fields between bursts, but the Nevada had a system modified to fire 2 MAC rounds on a single charge. Magnetic field recyclers and booster capacitors allowed for this one-charge, two-shot advantage. The Nevada’s MAC munitions were light rounds of an outer layer of tungsten carbide concealing a ferrous core.

A comparison of frigates
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Action shot:1

Action shot: 2

Spec sheet:pic

Bridge hologram:pic

M.A.C. Attack:pic

Awesome. What did its crew, on board weapons and vehicles consist of?

Was it given updated rail guns for all point defense turrets?

The regular naval 5 inch is outdated on the frigates

it would also be interesting if it had cloaking tech and Short Slip space jump capabilities

Yeah I’d like to equip it with all the latest gadgets and weapons. I’ll even add cup holders to the captains chair! Lol!

Here’s another one showing a technical overview of the ship. I’ve been experimenting with different lights and textures, so I hope you like the result!

This is an unlabelled view. I’m currently working on a new texture for the ship. I know that you can download the skins for vehicles such as Warthogs etc, but does anyone know where I can get hold of the texture maps for halo ships?

> Here’s another one showing a technical overview of the ship. I’ve been experimenting with different lights and textures, so I hope you like the result!
> Pic

That looks so boss. Would love to see a battle group of these frigates engage a covenant super carrier would be awesome! Would tear it to shreds with concentrated MAC Fire.

The Rail guns allow for a much more capable and accurate point defense system so those pesky boarding craft will almost always fail trying to board this bad boy.

I have a great idea! You should add a onboard “Anti-Gravity” system that encompasses the entire living space of the ship. Inside this anti-gravity field the gravity is kept at a constant 1 earth G. A normal frigates maneuverability and acceleration is limited by a humans G-Force Threshold, not entirely by its structural integrity and thruster/ engine capabilities. So the Ship is able to maneuver in ways that would typically and literally crush a crew due to the sheer amount of g-forces pulled during a tight turn, or extreme acceleration.