New Halo Concept

Ok so I don’t know if anyone will read this or anything but I hope that people listen. Should you read this and enjoy it, share it so it can become more popular:
I’m a huge fan of the Halo games, having play Halo: Reach as my first game. With the story of Halo 5, I’m sure that everyone will agree that the plot is flawed. So after Halo 6 hopefully pulls off a miracle and patches up the plot line. There should be a spinoff
Unnamed Halo Concept: 117 (lol) years after the end of Master Chief’s story begins a new tale of a young Spartan Fireteam (the team will be like noble six in terms of armor design, voice, etc.) There’ll be many ways to customize each Spartan and at the beginning of each mission the team of players will choose the subtype playing style they want to do (Sniper, Recon, ShortRange, Assualt)
The story can be played as either single player with AI’s or Co-op with friends replacing them. (Kinda like Destiny). Each cutscene can have different forms being played based on the custom personalities of the characters. It’ll be more ODST Style with detective work having to be done. The characters will have a squad transport across a large open terrain that may have dynamic weather. The transport will have five positions for the five players: Driver, Passengers 1/2/3, and Gunner. The transport will be armed in order to defend against larger, more fierce opponents that will most likely be using vehicles as well. (The squad transport will be like a hybrid [Its the future of the future] going from a Air vehicle to land vehicle. And players can set preference of whether or not it’ll be First Person.) The Sauad will be deployed on mission with very very general objectives, such as Find Jimbo over there, but will also have more to it. This may be find Jimbo, wait distress signal find and save civilians. Each mission won’t be needed to be played in a certain order, and each thing will piece together a whole story. There can also be a game mode where you just roam around killing things in this huge transport. (This will be online multiplayer so no AI’s [Destiny])
Now for more depth:
Squad Transport:
Driver: Does what the driver is expected to do
Passengers: Can fire the standard weaponry can be upgraded to new weaponry
Gunner- Shoots a MiniGun can equip new weaponry
(Your upgrades affect the squad transport as a whole more in depth later)

The Tranport can be upgraded in many ways.
Upgraded Passenger Positions- Able to Use a MiniGun that’s kinda helpful but not too much- Three Tiers each making it more powerful (about 5% each time)
Upgraded Gunner Position- Each tier unlocks new weapon upgraes Tier 1 (standard)- MiniGun /Tier 2- Grenade Launcher /Tier 3- Makes Grenades explode on impact
As stated earlier each upgrade effects the squad transport itself. Each group (up to five) can create a squad transport vehicle all upgrades will be available to all members who use it.

Loadouts : combination of UNSC, Forerunner, and Covenant design (I don’t know how, it just does) Hold two weapons at a time
Sniper: Sniper Rifle Visor had Magnification Abilities of about 20x (more than sniper rifles)
Magnum x1 Grenade
Armor Colors- Primary- Blend with terrain/ Secondary Choice
Recon: Supressed BR Can mark enemy positions, Supressed weapons make are on hard to be detected
Supressed Magnum x1 Flashbangs
Armor Colors- Primary- Black/ Grey (depends on time of day) Secondary- Choice

Short Range: Shotgun Increased movement speed Shoot/Reload and Sprint
SMG. x1 Grenade
Armor Colors-Primary- Red/ Secondary- Choice

Assault/ AA: “SAW” like weapon EMP effect of about 125m (against vehicles)
Rocket Launcher x1 Grenade
Armor Colors- Primary -Silver /Secondary- Choice

Choose Helmets, shoulder plates, legs, etc.
Personality: Funny, Dark, Serious, Creepy
Elite/ Spartan

This is a very ambitious game, but I predict that the systems engines of the near future should be able to run this game… Feel free to expand on this idea

hi, I’m french, so I don’t speak good english.
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I had thought of a halo where everything them other halo would be mixed. At the beginning n could choose his(her,its) faction: human being, covenants, arbiter, brutes, floods, forerunner he(it) would have a campaign(countryside) and a free mode. We would check(control) vessels in the space and we would be commander(major). One would make our missions but we would be in a free world with a lot of solar system. We could improve our vessel, weapons, hull(shell).We could undergo boarding(collision). We would have money to improve and also to buy of other vessel, this money(silver) will be to ganger during mission main and secondary ), during the fights our hunters(fighters) could be thus destroyed would need to acquire(to buy back) them .Of our center of command we shall can checked(controlled) the spaceship. We could walk it in galaxies make bases on planet take(bring) out of our vessel and explore planets. That would be great good a game(set,play) as Like that I espere that he(it) shall make him(it)