New Halo 5 Ranking System

So now the Ranking system is i go up 30 csr for a win and go down 1 csr for a loss? How is it so difficult to make a functioning ranking system with even exp up and even exp down as well as making it so you dont lose much when a teammate leaves. I really dont understand how hard it could possibly be epsecially when for about 2 years the ranking system was pretty alright and actually functioned in those ways. Every other game does not have these issues neither older games like halo 2 n halo 3. I simply do not understand how difficult it is to make a correct ranking system.

my words! hope 343 remembers the ranking system of halo 3 in halo 6 and takes this as an example…

For detailed explanations of the ranking system please see the pinned feedback threads in the Matchmaking forums.

For info: under the hood Halo 5 uses the same code as Halo 3’s ranking system, just now it utilises Trueskill 2 which is more efficient and accurate at predicting skill levels.–-march-27/7d7a1605-3aab-41ff-9950-95a9afbc29bc/posts?page=1#post2