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Hello I am looking to start a tournament based league that is open to everyone. Its going to be strickly Halo 5 and the match rules will be based on the HCS rules and will be 4v4 teams only. I am in the first stages of this project and I am open to anyone looking to help out with the community. I will need a few admins and refs for the matches. Its a community that is for the busy life hardcore gamer. The gamer that has a full time job and also loves competitive gaming. Weekends are your time to catch up on your thirst to dominate the arena. This is for the Weekend Gamer. Let me know if you are interested in having any part is starting this commuinty. I have a ton of ideas for this and I would like to see if I can reach out to a few people who would like to share ideas or help out. With the direction that eSport is heading this could be big with the right people involved. Halo is the reason why I love video games today. Watching teams like Str8 Rippn and Instinct staging the scene for what eSort has become today. There is alot of room in the market for a new league.THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT I AM OPEN TO ANY IDEAS THAT MAY SPARK
(((((((((((((((( )))))))))))))))))))This league will be open to all skill levels and we evolve with the community. Lets make this happen!